Hi, I'm Jonathan

I craft excellent digital experiences.

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Algorithmic Trader in Portland. I've built systems large and small for various organizations and have developed a deep passion for engineering and problem solving in the process.


Why Hushbyte.com?

Hushbyte was the name of the digital agency startup I bootstrapped with my friends out of college. We started from the ground-up and ended up acquiring several large clients & projects. We won some, we lost some, but we for sure built a ton of cool things along the way. Since I own the branding and domain, Hushbyte.com now serves as my personal portfolio website.

The Work We Did

We established an office in Portland, OR, and we made every effort to serve our clients in the best way we could, at all times. We built a CRM, an automated stock trading platform, social media applications, and more. We built brands for our partners and clients and we marketed those brands to increase revenue and to deliver better digital experiences to our clients and their customers.

Hushbyte Moving Forward

Hushbyte is no longer accepting new clients nor projects. The most simple explanation for this that creating and running a start-up is a journey, and on that journey we all discovered different passions and that we wanted to move away from our consulting work with clients. Hushbyte is now my personal blog, resume, and a place where I can talk about things that are interesting to me, and what I'm working on, like my algorithmic trading systems and the software that I'm developing.


Core Competencies

Full-Stack Development

I have a solid grasp of both front-end and back-end programming languages and frameworks, and I feel comfortable working across the full stack. Fluent in PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS, and very proficient in Python/Java/C/C++ and more.

DevOps & Server Administration

Proficient in creating and managing server infrastructure and related concepts including IaC, CI/CD, containerization (Docker), Kubernetes, Ansible, bash, and more. Proficient in most core cloud technologies including compute instance management, networking management, database management, and more across AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, GCP.

Solutions Architect & Creative Skills

I'm adept at developing fully-functional solutions from general business requirements. I can take system from conception through database planning and breaking down modules in order to build a hollistic view of a system before implementation. This has lead to high success rates with projects that I have spearheaded architecturally.


Work Experience

Hushbyte Technology

Founder, CEO

June 2019 - March 2021

  • Bootstrapped a digital agency to profitability and several large clients and contracts with friends from college.
  • Took care of all primary business formation duties including registration, insurance, domain & branding, office space and remodel.
  • Established a team of 4 full-time employees doing design & engineering projects for businesses.
  • Developed products to product MRR including a Wordpress hosting PaaS application (Kubernetes on AWS) & an automated stock trading platform.
  • Acted as tech lead through completion of several successful large projects including a CRM, a virtual graduation ceremony, and a completely custom automated stock trading platform + mobile application in Laravel/React Native.


Full-Stack Developer & DevOps Consultant

January 2018 - June 2020

  • Provided full-stack development services on a variety of applications (real-estate finder, warranty application, ticketing systems, DevOps).
  • Planned & executed transition from datacenter to AWS including Dockerizing legacy applications and writing infrastructure as code (IaC).
  • Met with clients and translated business requirements into discrete tasks within an agile workflow, translating business requirements to features.
  • Mentored junior devs.

Oregon State University

Programmer Analyst I

September 2015 - June 2019

  • Developed several large applications on SalesForce using Apex and Lightning Components including work on OSU's core college application codebase.
  • Architected solutions and justified solutions and technical plans with stakeholders before, during and after execution
  • Wrote several key integrations with other REST/SOAP APIs including custom Java integrations with Qualtrics, Google Sheets, and DocuSign.


Oregon State University

BS • Computer Science, Emphasis in Computer Security

2014 – 2019



Product Design

UI/UX Design

Visual Design




Visual Development (Webflow, Elementor, etc.)

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

HTML5/CSS3 + Front-End Frameworks (React/Vue, Webpack)


Using Back-End Frameworks (Laravel, RoR, Django, etc.)



Docker/Orchestration (Kubernetes)


Served on Multiple Hiring Committees

Experience Hiring & Managing Contract Developers

Experience Leading Teams

Experience Mentoring Junior Devs

Track-Record in Taking Initiative


Sales Experience

Experience in Customer-Facing Roles

Experience Giving/Receiving Constructive Feedback During Code & Design Reviews


Visual Studio Code


Relational Databases

NoSQL Databases





Recent Posts

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Containerized Web Application With Docker, React, and Laravel.


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A few things about me:

Are you open to new opportunities?

Absolutley! I'm always looking for the next thing. Feel free to reach out at jonathan@hushbyte.com if you're interested in chatting about a project or opportunity.

What is your location

I'm located in Portland, OR and I'm interested in  both remote and on-site opportunities.

Are you willing to relocate?

A change in scenery is always nice!

Why Should We Hire You?

I've been in and around technology my entire life and have developed a passion for software and entrepreneurship. I've earned a ton of experience over the years and I'm looking to apply that in working with others to solve hard problems and make an impact.

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